Bog Troll Cave B=attle Map – Launch

Hello Adventurers! This is the Bog Trol=l Cave map I worked on earlier in the month as part of a collab wi=th some other fantastic creatives. Unfortunately, they are running a little= behind schedule, so I thought I=E2=80=99d launch this map now and update y=ou with their awesome extras towards the end of the month. Sorry for the wa=it, I=E2=80=99m sure it will be worth it 😉 Anyways, I love how this one tu=rned out, it looks as slimy as I hoped, perfect for a waterlogged swamp, or= Underdark mud hole full of just the worst things 😀

Next maps

<=p style=3D"margin:10px 0;">I=E2=80=99m currently well on my way to finishin=g The Crossroads map, which will be out next week, and the=n I=E2=80=99ll jump straight into the Viking Fishing Encampment.

  • The Crossroads – (Working on)
    I want=ed to create some general use maps along with my more heavily themed maps, =so this one will be a useful Highway/Crossroads map, great for simple trave=l encounters. However, Crossroads have a lot of significance within myth an=d folklore, so I=E2=80=99ll be sure to provide some encounter ideas around =that!
  • Viking Fishing Encampment (Bart Heird sugge=sted)
    A small group of Viking-style huts next to a lake or shoreline. I =imagine this would work for a general tribal village. This will probably be= a frosty or snowy map.
  • Drow Surface Outpost (Cae=rdwyn suggested)
    I imagine some kind of bunker, hidden from view, with a= place to muster troops, stage invasions, or hold captives before they are =transported into the Underdark. This should work well as an entrance to the= Underdark for any campaign.

Thanks fo=r your patience with the extra material for this launch. I have written som=e descriptive text for the map in the meantime, I suspect there will be mor=e of that to come later as well 🙂 Have a great rest of the week, stay safe=, and as always happy adventuring! Now let’s get our wellies on and get kne=e-deep in some mud! (Inspiration for anyone that knows what wellies are).

Map Descriptions

The Entrance
The cave’s entrance is covered in glistening sl=ime and emerald-coloured mosses. Thick mud covers the floor, the walls seep= yellow-stained water, creating rivulets that drain into the cave system be=low. Decomposing vegetation collects in every nook and cranny, adding to th=e already heavy stench of decay and rot drifting from within.

  • T=he slippery ground makes moving quickly difficult. Missing your footing can= result in slipping uncontrollably into the next area.
  • Make sure t=o emphasise the claustrophobic nature of the caves. The walls are mostly mu=d, and highly unstable. Collapse is a real threat, hint that concussive spe=lls could cause mudslides, dragging the party deeper and even burying them.=

The Caves
Water d=rips from the ceiling of the caves, a constantly overlapping sound that ech=oes into the dark. Narrow crevices split the walls, leading back into passa=ges too small to enter. Water trickles from these openings, creating shallo=w pools in the cave=E2=80=99s uneven floor.

  • Describe snails, ee=ls wiggling through the shallow water, white fish with no eyes. Spindly cru=staceans hunt the many hoping and crawling insects that cling to the walls =of the caves.
  • Try an encounter with large white insects or centipe=des that skitter from the crevices. Leeches could drop from the ceiling or =hide in the water. Or maybe just try a couple of ropers (they look like sta=lagmites and ambush their prey).

The Gully
As you make your way further down, you arrive at a= deep gully blocking your path. An assortment of branches and tree trunks b=ridge the gully, the wood looks slick and rotten.

  • Skill challen=ge! Getting across a treacherous bridge like this can be tough. Especially =if there’s something below to distract you. The walls of the gully seem to =move, glistening in the dim light. Turns out thousands of leeches are climb=ing towards the party from below. Now they have a time limit to make plans =;) If someone falls, they can still get out with some help, but the leeches= will get a nice meal in the process.

=The Sink Hole
Entering the large cavern you find yourse=lf at the top of a steep incline leading down into what seems to be a drain=ed lake, only a small pool of murky water remains. Tree trunks help to stab=ilise the path, preventing mud from sliding into the mostly empty hole. Led=ges of solid ground lead to an alcove on the right side of the hole. Bones =are strewn across its floor, a huge club is propped up next to an unlit fir=e.

  • This could easily be the lair of some underground monster, a= Troll, Ogre or Giant even. Living off the local wildlife and the odd sheep==2E
  • Some kind of corrupted wat=er elemental could live here. It slowl=y fills the cavern with water as the encounter progresses.
  • I imagi=ne a giant crab covered in moss and slime sitting at the bottom of the hole= would be a cool reveal. It could look like a large bolder until it begins =to move. Maybe the eye storks pop out at first before the whole thing comes= to life.
  • This would make an interesting Green Dragons lair. It’s =surrounded by old evergreen forest, draped with lichen, mist obscuring ever=ything. The Dragon worms its way down here at night, or maybe there is a la=rger entrance above the =E2=80=98lake=E2=80=99.
  • Motivations for ge=tting your party to explore this cave system could be anything, from rescui=ng a person washed down here in a storm, to discovering the whereabouts of =some missing sheep. This could be the hiding place of a Were-creature or a =rumoured entrance to the Underdark.


This could work as a gully or ravine, so I created some alte=rnative biomes. Both desert and snow versions would work equally well as ca=ves.

I love this Misty forest version!

Or a dese=rt canyon, for those treks across the deep sands! (This could stil=l be used as a cave system in the desert).

<=img style=3D"max-width: 100%" data-media-id=3D"146308627" src=3D"">

Or maybe you want hot and humid! In which case a jung=le is more your speed. Don’t trip on the vines!


Or you want to go with cold and frozen, in whic=h case this snowy version is perfect! (Again, this could w=ork as a cave system.)

Check it out!