Heliana’s Tokens pt.1: Tavern Mimics

Today’s post is the =first in a series of contributions I was brought on to make to an exciting =project I’m sure many of you may already heard of Heliana’s Guide to Monster Hunting. A wildly successful Kickstarter held in June of last year has helped= bring a truly phenomenal 5E product to life. In it is contained so muc=h stuff including modular systems for tracking, harvesting, and crafti=ng, unique monster hunt adventures, tons of new monsters and items, a outri=ght trove of cool rulesets that I am can personally vouch for the veracity =of as I read through the book while I work on the project.=C2=A0

Due to my involvement with the project’s tokens, you a=ll get to enjoy some extra “fruit” of their creative labors as well! Each r=elease associated with the project will come with unique statblocks for the= monsters as they =C2=A0will appear in the final product.=C2=A0

This first set of “Tavern Mimics” come=s from an adventure within titled Dread & Breakfast detailing =the nefarious misadventures of an entire tavern mimic that lures i=n passerby, only to add their remains to the gruesome illusion. The set con=tains a token for the “benefactor” of the establishment, Mohammed Jonathon =Ojojo, as well as a set of mimic-variants of some of my preexisting furnitu=re assets. I’ve included the original assets in the ZIP as well–fun opport=unities to flip a room of “benign furniture” into a room of hungry mimics a=s soon as initiative is rolled!

Check it out!