Ruined Temple of the Twins

The local peoples worshipped the twin gods of V=ullil & Raizil, bringers of rain and sun respectively. But with the arr=ival of the cult of the great sky god, the cults of Vullil & Raizil fel=l into disfavor and decline. Here a major temple to the twin gods still sta=nds with heavy stone walls and much of the stone roof still intact =E2=80==93 with an opening directly above the dais with the statues of the twins, =allowing rain and sun into their sanctuary. A further pair of statues of th=e twins are down at the shore of the river to mark where the temple is to r=iver traffic.

South of the main sanctuary is= the ruins of supporting structures for the temple built down the steps of =the hillside. Built with thinner walls and wooden roofs, there is very litt=le to show for these structures anymore, just jutting bits of walls among t=he trees that are reclaiming the hills.

Loca=ls still come to the shrine on overly wet or dry years to plead to the twin=s for better growing weather. They usually spend a few days working on clea=ning up and maintaining the main sanctuary while here =E2=80=93 scavenging =stones from the southern ruins to maintain the main sanctuary.

It is claimed by some that getting potions of healing b=lessed by Vullil=E2=80=99s statue increases their potency (re-rolling ones =when determining how much they heal). A number of magic swords sanctified t=o Raizil only function for a new owner if they make the pilgrimage here and= leave the sword before the statue for the duration of a sunny day.

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