Forest Goblin Hideout, Public 30×30

Hello, everyone!

The wilds are a dangerous place to get lost, and players have a knack for doing just that. Off they go where they shouldnE28099t, and so they quickly find themselves in situations that can end very badly.

Take for instance, this place in the forest that some goblin tribe has decided to make their home. The reasons for them being here might not be important. But you know what is? The fact that certain adventurers have now entered their turf. Then again, how badly can this end, really?

The creature tokens for this map are a Gingwatzim, a Goblin Dog and a Goblin Pyro. Emerald tier gets the Goblin Pyro while Diamond tier gets all three. In addition, Sapphire tier gets extra creature token variants.

Thank you very much for your support as always and have fun!

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