Level 5 – 2 – Dungeon of the Mad Mage (Tier 1)

So…forests are complex, and I’m not the type to throw down a few trees and call it a forest (although that would have made things MUCH easier). C2A0Yet here we are: not all the way through Level 5, with almost 1.5 GB of image files in this post alone (apologies in advance for all the attachments, more on that later), but with a solid looking forest for Wyllow to greet (or kill) your players in.

The release includes map C and D – with the final southern section (Map E) coming next week. C2A0

Map Notes. C2A0There are 4 levels for Map C and 3 levels for Map D, as follows:

  • Map C Level 1 – forest floor, level 1 of Wyllow’s Tower
  • Map C Level 2 – tree canopy, stone/marble walkways, Level 2 of Wyllow’s Tower
  • Map C Level 3 – Level 3 of Wyllow’s Tower (and would be looking out/down on canopy still)
  • Map C Level 4/R – Roof of Wyllow’s Tower, because why not.
  • Map D Level 1 – forest floor, “under” area 9 (aka nothing), under the bridge area 10
  • Map D Level 2 – tree canopy, stone/marble walkways, area 9 building, bridge
  • Map D Level 3/R – roof of area 9 (dragon’s roost)

All maps available in the usual 3 formats, and as transparent or grey background versions…and that is how we ended up with 1.5 GB of files. C2A0Mapping notes otherwise everything is more or less as written in the book. C2A0I kept the forest fairly consistent looking between the areas for simplicity although did add in things like the spider webs or broken bottles,, for example (2b and 5 respectively). C2A0

There is an included token/tile for the tunnel at area 8 that you can overlay on the image to make it appear to connect. C2A0

Files. I have included both Background “_BG_” and Transparent “_TP_” versions of each of the maps listed above; background means it has a flat grey image behind the dungeon, transparent means there is nothing there. For the Roll20 versions, this means the background version is a jpg while the transparent version is a png (jpgs don’t support transparency); Foundry are both dd2vtt files. IF you want to puzzle piece the sections together like above (NOT RECOMMENDED), you have the transparent versions available for that. However, if you set up each map to an individual scene, you could use either, but the _BG_ jpgs will meet the file size limits for Roll20 (TP pngs may not!).

The zip files below have Level 5 Maps C and D (all listed as above) as well as a GM overlay for each map. Roll20Free is a .jpg < 5MB, Roll20Paid is a .jpg < 10MB, while Foundry formats are dd2vtt files. Roll20 maps are at 70 and 140 px per grid cell respectively and the Foundry files are 100px (this also holds true for the transparent images).

Due to Patreon attachment size limits, I had to split up the zip files – make sure you grab both _C and _D maps, and some have _C1 and _C2 maps depending on the format – you’ll need all parts to get all levels of the tower and forest.

Level 5 E28093 Dungeon of the Mad Mage is unofficial Fan Content permitted under the Fan Content Policy. Not approved/endorsed by Wizards. Portions of the materials used are property of Wizards of the Coast. C2A9Wizards of the Coast LLC.

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