Pit Fighting Tavern Map Pack!

This tavern is my interpretation of the God’s Revel Inn, a popular establishment that boasts the best entertainment in town!

The two-story tavern contains several large seating/viewing areas for spectators or observe the games, both from the common level below and the VIP balcony above. I’ve also included a fair amount of surrounding structures to help provide space outside for social encounters, moving about, combat encounters that spill out of (or into) the tavern, etc…

The 1st Floor contains:

Northern Common Room – a spacious common room with several tables and front row views of the fighting pits. Shields, weapon racks and statues of warriors adorn the walls, while a doorway leads east into some of the lower floor bedrooms, southwest to exit the tavern and south into the adjoining common room.

Southern Common Room – adjoining the northern common area, this room contains more tables and stools with a view of the pits, as well as a large bar to the southwest. Doorways lead north back into the other common area, west into a private seating room, southwest through the bar into the kitchen and south into either a small office, or a porch exiting the tavern.

Lower Level Bedrooms – the first floor offers [4] rooms on the first floor, and privies, with a mixture of accommodation options.

Fighting Pit – A large, sand-filled fighting pit rests near the middle of the tavern, its floors layered in blood, sweat and the shuffled prints of countless fighters having competed for the thrill of the crowd.

Private Chamber – a private chamber with a large round table provides wealthy guests the opportunity to enjoy some privacy for meetings or relaxation away from the thrum of the crowd, as well as the only private access to the upper levels.

Kitchen – a large kitchen extends behind the bar, catering to the needs of the crowd eat night with a variety of dishes, wines and ales.

Larder – an expansive store room lay off the back of the kitchen, and a door leads outside of the tavern to well access, as well to easily take in deliveries of supplies for the tavern.

The 2nd Floor contains:

Balcony Viewing Area – a large balcony surrounds the fighting pits with a raised view of the games and more spacious seating, along with its own separate and private bar.

Private Bar & Back Room – a private bar stands against the west wall, behind which lay a small kitchen and the private bedroom of a head employee overseeing the grounds.

Proprietor’s Room – a private room lay off the balcony to the northwest, where the owner/proprietor has their accommodations.

Upper Level Bedrooms – another set of [4] rooms are available, along with privies and bath, on the second floor, in the southeast section of the building.

Grand Suite – the grand suite lay in the southwest section of the tavern and contains a massive common area and [4] spacious, private rooms adjoining it, perfect for some kind of organized crime, gang or party of adventurers (same difference, right?) to occupy2E

How do I use this map?

There are a variety of ways that on could use this map, especially with the surrounding streets and buildings (rooftops only at this point). Here are some suggestions:

Campaign Origin – Everybody meets in a tavern? It’s a tried and true trope, and what better place to start with than a pit fighting tavern with lots of opportunity for trouble!?

Quest Hub – Perhaps a base of operations or a stop along the way, the tavern/inn could be a good place to base out of, while attending to the needs of a given city or region. Plenty of people coming in and out, and convenient accommodations.

Player Headquarters – Once they’ve had a taste of the nightlife, your players may decide they want to own this tavern and live here! The upper floor has a great location for the party to reside, and there are many components for a successful business.

I hope you enjoy the map and would love to hear your thoughts!

Tier Rewards will be sent out soon!

Check it out!