Shipwreck City

A quick PIRATE BORG update: 6 days left in back it, over 3,000 backers, and 4,100% funded! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! The game/book is perfect if you love Pirates and MC3B6rk Borg, but there is also a 5e Monster stat zine add-on so you can adapt the whole book to 5e, too. I’m looking at you Ghost of Saltmarsh and Call from the Deep DMs!

Shipwreck City

This was by far the most popular map in the last poll, so I wanted to do it justice. The Shipwreck City can be a dungeon, a shopping market, or a home base. I took the time to add empty interiors of each ship, so you can stock this location with what you see fit! If any of you have played Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge, you will feel some serious Scabb Island vibes on this map, especially on the Night version.

Foundry VTT

In addition to walls, sounds, and lighting, Foundry users will also benefit from the Multi-Level Token module on the interior levels so your players can move around while inside without the GMs help. GMs will have to move them between interior and exterior maps since there are 9 of them, or you can mess around with MLT yourself an link the interiors directly to you favorite exterior.C2A0

Free Download (No Strings Attached) C2A0

$3 Quartermaster RewardsC2A0

$5 Captain RewardsC2A0

$10+ Admiral Rewards & Foundry VTT ModuleC2A0

Check it out!