565 Church of the Stingray

Traveler! A radical group of zealous believers gathers in the undercity to worship a stingray idol in a long-forgotten catacomb. These outlandish cultists abduct and forcibly convert the commonfolk one by one. The newly-created faith leader is a man known as Father Mason. He became the figurehead of this cult after receiving strange dreams of an occult ocean entity, a holy stingray of sorts who promised the deluded man to help him achieve his wildest dreams.

Mason, corrupted by the stingray idol, uses the entity’s influence to brainwash new converts and enlarge their cult. The authorities in St. Leopold City are aware of the cult’s activities and offer a considerable reward to valorous adventurers to put a stop to Father Mason and the mindless goons that dwell near the church.

This is a level 6 adventure with a bit of exploration, dungeon-crawling for fights and treasure, and the opportunity to stop a runaway stingray-worshiping cult! Here’s a low-def preview of this illustration:

Here’s a close-up of the underground temple nave. A huge stingray effigy, mounted on the east wall, overlooks the cathedral-like chamber. Father Mason and his followers worship this life-like idol that answers to their prayers and petitions.

The dungeon was once a tomb. Several rooms have been repurposed for the cult’s use. However, the earthly remains of many individuals were left in place to be reanimated as loyal guardians. These undead are under Father Mason’s control.

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