CR4 Creature Tokens, Part Two

Hello Adventurers!

I present to you the long awaited completion of CR4! There are 5 unique token illustrations in this set with 25 tokens in total counting all of the color and equipment variants. My favorite from this set is the Couatl! The wings and feathers on C2A0the tail, how cool! Right?! Though, I don’t want to draw any more feathers soon. ;)C2A0

  • Couatl
  • Ettin
  • Incubus
  • Lamia
  • Succubus

Villagers can download their set of hand-drawn tokens by clicking the link below.

5 unique tokens for Villagers. C2A0

For the Shop Keepers, there are 5 color variations for each token, 25 total! All of them are shown above.

Shop Keepers, click here to download your 25 tokens.C2A0

Also… part one of CR 5 will drop in a few days. Keep your eyes peeled!