Bone Mill Exterio

Hey everyone!

Welcome to the Bone Mill! It occured to me as we were working on this map that maybe not everyone knows what a bone mill is. Basically it’s a place where they used to dry bones and crush them to use as fertilizer. C2A0Here’s a website that talks about a real bone mill from near Cze’s home. There’ll be a follow up to this map coming next month which’ll have the machinery interior of the mill and also a lair of a demon dog leading from the kennel in the bottom left. Oh and there’s like 22 variations!

Collaboration with Borough Bound

Which leads me to my next bit of exciting news! This map is a collaboration with Borough Bound! We’ve talked about it tons by now so most of you know that me and Peku have a side project called Borough Bound which creates full RPG towns and cities, full of NPCs, lore, history, music, maps (now with interiors!) and more. They’re designed to be dropped into any campaign!

We’ve provided some feed Borough Bound goodies from our latest release that you can get for free HERE (also in the attachments at the bottom of this post).

Here’s a sneak peak at the current Borough Bound city we’re working on called Thestwick. Each week we create another sector of the map. As you can see we’re half way through this city and we release more each week. 🙂 Thestwick is a haunted fen city, slowly being drained for agriculture and the locals aren’t so happy! You can learn more about it here.

And for those curious here’s some of the cities we recently finished:

Medieval City of Crabwell

Genie City of Kadhizi

Port City of Ancora Bay

Bridge City of Meddenfirth