Daily modular rooms

A new project that I want to test. I will be uploading six new 16×16 rooms each week for you to use to build your own imaginative modular dungeons.

What do supporters get exclusively?

You will receive the rooms without my logo and in high res as well as the VTT files on a higher tier. Added to this are sometimes additional (smaller) variations, the ability to suggest specific rooms and soon a pack of empty corridors to connect the particular rooms.

I’m not interested in modular rooms. Will there be other maps from AtaraxianBear in this time?

Yes! I also plan to publish some great maps for you over the next few months. Maybe the number will decrease a bit compared to this month. But I can promise you one or the other special map!

How do modular dungeons work?

Quite simply you load the individual rooms together on a large empty map and then put them together in such a way that they form a coherent dungeon.

What kind of rooms will it be?

I don’t intend to create a uniformly themed dungeon. I always aim to design the most interesting room possible to tell great stories.

I would suggest connecting them narratively, for example, through a dungeon of chaos or worlds where random pieces from different worlds were dragged into one dungeon.

I just plan to design rooms that I feel most like and that I find beautiful myself.

But I will definitely add a small additional pack with boring empty passages, which you can use to build up the dungeon in a variety of ways.

How many rooms can we expect?

I’ll do it as long as I feel like it. But you can definitely count on at least a month of beautiful rooms. Hopefully a lot more if it goes well.

I hope you enjoy some extra imaginative rooms and have fun with my modular dungeons!C2A0


The assets used here are from Crosshead: https://www.patreon.com/Crosshead

Check it out!