FeyWildE28099s Enchanted Woods

Each month, weE28099ll revisit a (Patron-voted) old series of choice to make a brand new sequel for it. This month itE28099s time to explore unrestrained emotions within FeyWildE28099s Enchanted Woods!

HereE28099s the fifth part.

You spot a clearing through the foliage above. YouE28099re nearly there! The moon casts a midnight glow, almost beckoning for you. Up you go.

As you reach the treetop, you canE28099t take in the view for long as you notice the blue light trying to catch your attention over something. You creep a bit closer to make out what it is, cautiously but with intent. As you move closer to the mysterious object, a wave of sadness comes over you and you run your hands over your face, obliterating each tear from existence. Why the sudden melancholy feeling?

You stumble upon a nest with a trembling golden egg inside it that canE28099t seem to sit still and feelsE280A6 off. Rolling back and forth, your eyes lock onto it and you grab your chest, which, strangely enough, hurts. In the midst of your agony, you notice what you thought was just the moonE28099s glow is actually a pathway leading to the sky! The blue light travels up the white path and disappears before your eyes. You want to follow suit, but you feel an urge to stay with the egg which starts to crack. Just as it hatches, you wake up. In an infirmary, no less, surrounded by your loved ones. A village doctor rushes to your bedside as your eyelids peel from one another, and you ask, E2809CSir, what am IE280A6doing here?E2809D He lets out a sigh of relief before replying, E2809CThank god! We thought we almost lost you.E2809D

~ IE28099m hoping you enjoy these maps as much as we like making them. Stay tuned for a new series next month!

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