April Preview – the Low Lantern Tavern

Good afternoon all! As many of you will already know, next month I’m continuing with my Descent Into Avernus compatible miniature set. The next stop is the Low Lantern tavern, set inside an old galleon that is no longer sea worthy. I’ve made all of the required furniture to flesh out the Tavern, and also so far the Bar owner and bartenders.

I’m currently working on the 6 bouncers which should be done tomorrow.

I’ve also revisited and updated some of my favourite minis from when I first started doing digital minis, so I’ll also be releasing them too.C2A0

In addition, next month I’ll also add on Commander Grime’s City Watch as an Archive set, so whilst some of you hardcore loyal supporters will already have them, for many of the new subscribers these will be a new set for you.

Check it out!