FA Dungeondraft Integration 3.0 (Updated March 28th 2022)

Hello everyone!C2A0

This integration is made for and requires Dungeondraft E28093 Standalone mapmaking software.

Our integration aims to completely replace the default Artstyle of Dungeondraft with our own. These files are prepackaged to be used only for Dungeondraft software, you can load them in and they are ready to go! C2A0

All these packs are Patreon Only ( any Tier ). You can download the “Starter Pack” for Free that contains a little bit of everything. So Non-Patreons can test it out first if they would like 🙂

This post will serve as a repository of our Dungeondraft Integration 3.0 Packs, and will be periodically updated with new content as we release it, you’ll get a notification email when this post gets updated!

There is also a CHANGELOG at the bottom of this post listing updates and changes!
You can find the changes between 2.0 and 3.0 here.C2A0

We have a “#Dungeondraft” channel on Discord, if you find any bugs/have issues with the packs or have some suggestions for changes, please let us know!

Make sure you download and activate all packs below to get all content!

Check it out!