Frenzy in the Forest – 8th Level Adventure Collaboration

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Today I have another awesome collaboration with DM Tool Chest, who created this amazing adventure based on one of our most popular maps, the Ruined Monastery.

The adventure uses the Massacre Variant that was previsouly only available to Master Cartographers and above but I have now included it in everyone’s downloads.

Find the adventure and the map in the Collaboration Section HereC2A0

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I am heading off on holiday now for a week to New York so there will be no map post this week but I’ll make it up to you next week 😀

The Adventure

Frenzy in the Forest is a Fifth Edition adventure intended for three to five characters of 7th to 9th level and optimized for four characters with an average party level (APL) of 8. Pilgrims have been passing through Oakenhold all season, heading to a monastery in the Shimmering Forest. They werenE28099t seen again, but a Dark Unicorn had been sighted wandering amidst the trees. This adventure occurs in the Freelands campaign setting but fits any existing campaign with only a few modifications and name changes. This adventure is the second in the E2809CWhispers of the NightE2809D series but can be played as a standalone adventure without any changes.


The Monastery of NatureE28099s Comfort was founded forty years ago by clerics that had tired of the near-constant Great War that had plagued the continent. They painstakingly built a sanctuary nestled in the Shimmering ForestE28099s wilderness to meditate and research the various properties of the many plants found in the forest. Over time, several individuals sought out the monastery to join them or seek training in spiritual or medicinal disciplines. Alanis, a Nightwhisper Hag with nefarious intentions, disguised herself as an apprentice healer from Summerfall and secreted herself into the clerics’ midst. Initially, she used the monastery residents to help gather ingredients for her experiments, but it wasnE28099t long before the assistants became the subjects. Alanis seeks ways to bring the forest creatures under her control and has recruited a dark unicorn to act as her lieutenant.

Adventure Summary

Contact was lost with The Monastery of NatureE28099s Comfort, and there have been strange sightings in the surrounding area. The characters are asked to investigate and are attacked by beasts in the Shimmering Forest. After sighting and then losing track of a dark unicorn, the characters find their way to a monastery, which they find is quickly succumbing to the wilderness. As they explore the sanctuary, a treant confronts them. Noise from the crypt draws the characters underneath the monastery, and they find Alanis, a Nightwhisper hag, but she escapes through a portal. She left in a hurry, and the characters find a lot of evidence of her experiments and details of the NightwhispersE28099 plans. The dark unicorn blocks their path out of the courtyard as the characters leave.

Note: An additional tree token has been created to add to the map in VTT for the treant in area 2. That token is attached at the bottom of this post and is free to all.

Collaboration Writer: The DM Tool Chest

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