Temple of Combris (18×24)

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Hey everyone! Let me present to you the Temple of Combris, the final map for the Churches & Temples theme.

At the top of the roads that leads through Komico sits the Temple of Combris, the Goddess of Wayfinding. the temple guards the path that leads through the mountains and it is believed that one can only find their way across after visiting the temple and honoring the goddess.C2A0

The temple was founded many years ago as people prayed to Combris before starting their trek through the mountains. The temple guards watch over the passage and use an intricate network to alert the guards across the mountains to who’s passing through, even before they have started their trek.C2A0

In the village below the temple are the Springs of Komico, hot waters blessed by the God Mindor and Goddess Meandra. Over the years they have also become a prominent part of the villages culture and the temple of Combris also serves as a place to pray to Mindor and Meandra.

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