Tower of Zephyros Map Pack!

This is my interpretation of the Tower of Zephyros from Storm King’s Thunder, the floating tower of a Cloud Giant Wizard.

I tried to provide a fair amount of surrounding “area” to support some of the encounters that may happen around the tower, or other homebrew encounters that might happen in the sky. One could easily rule that the clouds directly associated with the tower have some kind of magical property making them tangible/walkable.

I also tried to represent the “stairway” of clouds that descends to the ground below, allowing access to the tower by mundane means.

Additional floors of the tower reach upward through holes in the ceiling, which the Cloud Giant travels via magical flight.

I altered some of the design features to provide a bit more content and slightly less spartan aesthetic, with some bookshelves, stone pillars, circular walls, a couple of energy-charged crystals and slightly more illuminated spheres.

For those not running Storm King’s Thunder, this map could be a great travel destination for a higher-level party looking for information, a rare artifact, or perhaps help from the Cloud Giant Wizard on their mission and/or quest. The location would also make for a great encounter location on the exterior, where the tower might come under attack by a variety of flying or magical creatures