Apartment (Arcology Series)

Acology Apartments

Base Map Dimensions – [6 x 6] grid squares

Base map pixels – 1200 x 1200 @ 200 PPI

Hi everyone! ItE28099s time again for another map drop.

For the last map of the month, we have a continuation of the Arcology series of battle maps – E2809CArcology ApartmentE2809D. For those who are new to Frag Maps, youE28099ll find the first of the Arcology maps here.C2A0

These low-socioeconomic status apartments take on a cookie cutter approach to their structure and layout – there is nothing fancy here, everything is stock standard. I referenced the Dredd 2012 movie for inspiration but added some elements from Cyberpunk 2077.C2A0

Adding details was a little tricky. C2A0I had to keep reminding myself to keep the details generic as I was cognisant of the fact that details that are too specific may impact the versatility of this the apartment map.

LetE28099s go through some of the map details.

1 Bedroom vs. 2 Bedrooms

Differences – The 1 bedroom version does not have a backdoor exit to the refuse area and the doorway that leads to the second bedroom is filled in with a blank wall. For the 1 bdrm apartment, it means that there is no escape except via the front door. A good place to hunker down if the players are in trouble.C2A0

Corridor Variants 1 & 2

This apartment map began with the goal of creating only apartment rooms for the Arcology series, but they should also be able to hold their own in other game settings – a plug and play type of map.C2A0

Somewhere during the drawing process (inspired by some of your feedbacks), I decided to add a refuse area fire exit as a variant. I then noticed a huge empty area in the map so I ended up drawing in a hallway too.C2A0

I decided to make these corridors as variants because for some of you, the corridors may not be a fit for your story or location. In which case, you can always fall back to using the maps without the corridors.

The Refuse Area

The north of the mapE28099s refuse area overlooks one of the many voids within the Arcology complex. Above, below and across from it are more balconies and apartments just like this one.

If your players want to climb out the balcony to a floor above or below, I’d say it would be reachable. There are tons of wires dangling around everywhere that can be used as climbing rope. But one slip and they’d be human pancakes on the ground floor.C2A0

The Machine In The Kitchen

WhatE28099s that thing you ask? It can be anything you dream of but in my head, it is a synthetic food (or kibble) dispenser. Real food is a luxury in the dark future of cyberpunk.C2A0

The Wall Breach

I think this is the second time IE28099ve drawn a wall breach. The first one was on the Bank Vault map.

I watched quite a wall breaches in action on YouTube (performed by SWAT teams), for drawing reference. I was actually surprised about two things:

  1. How small the holes from shaped charges actually were. How are teams supposed to swarm in through such a small entry point? It’d be a huge movement hazard for sure.
  2. How little scorch marks were left after the explosion. I am 6 years shy of an explosive technicianE28099s degree after all but if you know why, drop it in the comments below!

This Wall Breach map variant comes in the form of a map tile. For those who are new here, you overlay the tile over the base map in your favorite virtual tabletop software (such as Foundry VTT, Fantasy Grounds Unity or Roll 20 etc). This way, you can change the status of the wall by turning the tile on and off.

ThatE28099s it for now guys. I will be launching a Patreon poll tomorrow with some more Arcology expansion area ideas for next monthE28099s maps. So keep your eye out for it and make sure to vote!

My Patreon supporters help fund my monthly map drawing efforts. If youE28099d like to help out me out as well, the best way would be to support my Patreon with what you can. Any amount is appreciated immensely!

Map Variants

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– 1 BDRM layout(watermark-free, grid + grid-less)

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– Corridor variants 1 & 2

– Wall Breach variant

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