April rewards revealed + throwbacks

Hi everyone . Another month is coming and I have been running to get these out on time ( like usual) . I finally got to make a character I have always wanted to make :C2A0the plague doctorC2A0

The plague doctor- Scrappy looking character C2A0with clothed stitched and torn . with loads of straps and belt buckles .Not to mention the amount of pouches for his weird instruments or medications. on his belt C2A0you will see a hanging selection of macabre tools for his activity ( stoping the plague no doubt) . Included are 5 heads. Unmasked doctor , various hats and hoddies with the most typical bird style mask .Included is also a more modern gas mask version C2A0in a steampunk style to strike fear in the hearts of your adventurers or enemies. the amor parts included for chest , C2A0and shoulders look like they were made from some left over boiler plate. The hands include items like a Syringe, scythe, saw sword, C2A0rat walking cane , lantern, gas bomb and a sawed double barrelled shotgun. ( and the standard C2A0closed and open hands).Besides the standard inch play base , you get a display base set in a sewer with rats 🙂

Swapmini 32- Omog – Omog – Stone ,Crystal or rune Golem

Sometimes swapmini can be challenging ( they all have their own special challenges ). But this C2A0stone golem was different than most. This creature wouldn’t typically have alot of accessories . So I thought of making a basic rock golem ( or earth elemental if you prefer) that you could change into a crystal golem or even a runic golem . This swapmini has 5 heads ranging from rock , crystal , to a runic helmet style. Open and closed hands for all 3 styles . plus a runic sword for left and right hands C2A0or a more basic stone club. chest, back and shoulders also have the 3 styles available. stone C2A0, Crystal and even a rune stone amor.Oh forgot to say ..he is about double the height of a normal swapmini.C2A0

both swapminis have 2 classic version available for (emerald C2A0tier)

Throwback-Swapmini 8 – Suhltar Warfang -Orc warrior

And for April throwback I chose one of my favorite swapminis. the orc C2A0( from April 2021

I hope you all enjoyed this months rewards

Here is the reveal of next months swapminis minis.


Swapmini 31 – Dr Pocks – plague doctor

Swapmini 32- Omog C2A0- Stone ,Crystal or rune Golem


Swapmini 8 – Suhltar Warfang -Orc warrior

classic versions

plague doctor v1

plague doctor v2

Stone Golem

rune Golem

throwback classic

Orc warrior

Check it out!