Tower of the Starlight Knight

Today I’ve got a dungeon map (at encounter scale) for the interior of the Tower of the Starlight Knight, an adventure from our friends at Kelfecil’s Tales! One of their earliest and most popular adventures, the module details a forgotten tower interior hidden behind a veil of magic and containing a great number of hidden murals and deceptive puzzles and traps. If you’ve got a group that likes to think through problems creatively as much as they do slay monsters, I think this is the adventure for you.

Kelfecil has commissioned new artwork, miniatures, and is revising the layout of the original adventure as a part of an anniversary celebration of their own, all of which is due to publish in early April. At that time I’ll update this post with a link to the new adventure, but in the meantime you can still grab a free version of the original PDF at it’s listing on the Dungeon Master’s Guild.C2A0

Check it out!