Winged Sacrarium Foundry Scene

Don’t know how many of y’all would’ve noticed, but in February we only managed to squeeze one foundry release out. To compensate, I’m pushing out a 3rd foundry release this month to compensate!

Our friend Grape Juice has pitched in again to fully assemble a map of the Winged Sacrarium originally released back in January. Some excellent lighting effects within Foundry really amp up the drama and interact nicely with the light-blocking objects within the scene. Conveniently, the Winged Sacrarium‘s predecessor, Scalepeak Summit is also already made and released as a foundry pre-fab and so you can now easily link those two scenes together if desired!

The scene is already loaded into and available on Moulinette within Foundry. Simply search “Sacrarium” in the search bar function and it should be one of the few visible options.

Check it out!