April Bundle Revealed

Hello guys! Tomorrow (April 4th) the new bundle will be available for download. I want to show you the new models!

Open crypt has: C2A0C2A0C2A0

  • Justus, the skeleton king
  • The Ghost Queen
  • 18 skeletons models (9 melee and 9 ranged)C2A0
  • A Souleater specter
  • A Bone abomination
  • 4 C2A0flameskullsC2A0
  • 2 Animated armor
  • 6 heroes (2 half-elf bards, 2 minotaurs barbarians, 2 dwarf clerics)2E

Soon we’ll show you all scenary pieces we created for the Crypt! 3D)C2A0

Best RegardsC2A0


Check it out!