April release, Bulls OUT !

Hello Everyone and happy April release , Bulls are OUT !

This month is some new troops for the FALLEN BEASTS and they are heavy.

What Happen when some of those mutate more to become big Hulking full of rage ? We Got the Horned Brutes.

They are the heavier infantry, brutal, savage and unchained !

Some of them can overcome their primal instinct to become fantastic warleader as they develop some war intelligence which, added to their brutal strength is terrifying.

But that’s not the end.

They can be taught by the Seers to call the Bigger of their kin. The Herd behemots are chaotic Giant bulls that can wreck anything. The Fall gave them many forms and they are all horrible…

As i said , Bulls are OUT !

But that’s not all , they also call back some reinforcement with some Brutal raiders back as throwback files !

A great way to start your month.

The release will contains :

A Horned Warlord: 1 model

A Horned brutes Squad : 12 models, 6 with dual weapons and 6 with Heavy weapons. Including a Leader set as well as some bits for musician / banner.

A Herd Behemot : Big mutlipart set, including 2 heads / body / Big and Small arms variations.

A Brutal raider with shield squad ( throwback file ) : 12 models including a leader set.

The release will be available to download today on both Tribes and Patreon C2A0!



Check it out!