Heliana’s Tokens pt.3: Biomantic Polyhedroozes

I’ve got yet another set of tokens to share with you based on the creatures found within Heliana’s Guide to Monster Hunting. The third set features a set of 7 tokens, all created within the scientific malpractices known as Biomantic Polyhedroozes.

These enemies are found within one of the module’s many monster hunts and feature some quite creative design twists on the classic oozy enemy. Of the 7 available oozes they all vary in size, color, and geometric shape correlating to their contents and effects in combat. The premise revolves around the polyhedroozes’ ability to absorb items and monsters in the surrounding area, thereby influencing the ways in which they might face off against your players. The full details, mechanics, and statblocks of these gelatinous beasties can be found in the downloadable PDF below.

All of the oozes come in a standard version where it’s “ooze-only” and their next adjacent variant where their respective “absorptions” are clearly seen struggling with the mass of their new ooze overlord and ready to clash with anything else around.

Check it out!