Magical Forest Set 7

Greetings adventurers!

This month we’re bringing you deeper into the woods, into new and exciting groves and differently styled places than what we’ve seen thus far! This month’s maps also have a few more unique locations to anchor your adventures inside the forest, including a whole cursed, swampy area for those who want to be bogged down.

First up though, the brighter, sunnier side of the woods!

This six-part map provides a winding way through the wending woods that brings your party deeper into the sacred grove! The left side of it is in this first set. And a peek at our messy sketch, which is usually the very first stage of painting it!

The left bank of it contains the entrance into the grove itself, including a precarious lake-way for adventurers who eschew the beaten path. An ancient tree overgrown with vines provides safe passage across the lake, which might harbor some riddling spirit if stared at long enough. The southern exit begins a river or pond that leads away from the place, with less brackish waters!

Variants include night versions, a foggy moody time for all, and odder, discolored woods!

And that’s all for this set, adventurers, stay with us for the next one!