Magical Forest Set 9

Greetings, adventurers!

Feeling bogged down? Swamped? It’s not in our heads! In this final set of maps, we’ve got a swampy adventure for those who prefer their forests full of reeds, weeds, and awful deeds. Half-collapsed bridges and cairns from unnamed crones abound in this neck of the woods:

From south to north, the landscape ranges from rotting bridges to brackish, bottomless pools. For those feeling especially cursed, ghostfire appears at night, and dawn never rises in some of these variations:

And that’s all for this set, everyone!

For the next set, we’ll be wrapping up this forest journey with some requests we’ve gotten for a properly haunted, fir-and-pine, transylvania-style forest for folks who need to get some vampire-huntin’ done. We’ll try to squeeze in the start of a rotting mansion if we can, and some proper, rustling gothic trees.C2A0

We’ll be appearing mid-month with a poll for our next destination too, so we’ll be accepting suggestions to new areas to explore until then!