March Rewards – Public Preview

The March Rewards were released with a huge delay for which I apologize. Therefore, they will be available for download until mid-April (along with April Rewards).

March Rewards includes two City of Life-themed scenery sets. One set is dedicated to FDM printing – it contains large models that would not be particularly suitable for resin printing.

This package will be updated with two more models within two or three days.

The second pack contains smaller models that can be used as a independent scenery, but also as elements of dioramas and as additions to large scenic bases, etc. These models are prepared in two variants – for FMD printing and resin printing.

None of the March Rewards models requires the use of any supports (including resin models).


The models from the first pack are prepared in two versions – for resin and FDM. Both versions are of the same scale, but the FDM versions are slightly larger – their size is optimally adapted to the printing technology.

The resin print versions are a kind of challenge and experiment – I prepared them entirely for support-free printing, directly on the built plate. They have properly sculpted holes limiting the suction power, they are also properly hollowed to use as little resin as possible. Each model (except the easiest ones) for resin printing also has a special “pad” that helps to remove the model from the built plate after printing.

All resin models have been tested on the Elegoo Mars Pro 2 (using standard speeds – I suggest not to use vroom). This printer has a slightly larger working area than the older models of printers, so if necessary, the models can be reduced in the slicer by a few percent, so that the model fits on the built plate. I have not tried to enlarge these models (I only have Mars Pro 2, I can only dream about buying a larger printer), so you do it at your own risk.

In short – both FDM and resin models are “click, drop, slice, print”. No need to add any supports, hollowing, holes. Everything is ready for printing.

You can see the effects in the photos above.

Models included in the Set #1 (FDM+Resin):

  • Arboreal Fountain
  • City Gate + Wall + Wall Corner
  • Fountain – Bust
  • City of Life – The Patroness (Female Statue)

Models included in the Set #2 (FDM):

  • Modular Amphitheater
  • City of Life – House #1

April Rewards will be announced as soon as possible (they will refer to the Realm of Death, for balance).

As always, I am very grateful for your support.

Thank you very much,
PrzemysC582aw, 3DHexes

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