Merchant Outpost

$150k raised. Over 3,500 backers. 5,000% funded. THANK C2A0YOUUUUUUUUU GUYYYYSSSS! LET’S KILL SOME SKELETONS and drink their GROG! We end at Midnight EST tonight! LINK!

I’ll be celebrating with a Twitch hang starting at 11pm EST with some familiar faces, so come say hi, ask questions, drink rum, and prepare yourself for the Dark Caribbean!

Map Time!

I love Sea of Thieves. And I love the islands and outposts. So I made a bunch of shops inspired by them. Scroll down to see all the options. You can load them all in a cool indoor/outdoor map set (which is REALLY cool in Foundry… see the below), or you can build you own and add them to any map you want.

Free Download (No Strings Attached) C2A0

$3 Quartermaster RewardsC2A0

$5 Captain RewardsC2A0

$10+ Admiral Rewards & Foundry VTT ModuleC2A0

Check it out!