Patreon anniversary and our gift for you !!!

April-02-2022 – that’s when we celebrate our second Patreon anniversary.C2A0

On this occasion, we would like to give you a gift: 3 x Varkolak.C2A0

Models are big on 60mm round or 50mm Square base. The models will be released on April- 02-2022 and will be part of the April package.

The varkolak or vrykolakas is a harmful undead creature in Slavic folklore. It has similarities to many different legendary creatures, but most of all with the vampire and lycanthropes of the Slavic and Balkan region. While the two are very similar, blood-drinking is only marginally associated with the vrykolakas.

Since theC2A0vrykolakasC2A0becomes more and more powerful if left alone, legends state that one should destroy its body. According to some accounts, this can only be done on Saturday, which is the only day when the vrykolakas rests in its grave (the same as with Bulgarian vampire legend) This may be done in various ways, the most common beingC2A0exorcising,C2A0impaling,C2A0beheading, cutting into pieces, and especiallyC2A0crematingC2A0the suspected corpse, so that it may be freed fromC2A0living deathC2A0and its victims may be safe.

Stay safe until Saturday night

Check it out!