Royalty Assets pt.2

Hello all! In addition to the final release of our 5-year community asset pack later today, I’ve also managed to wrap up the final work for Royalty Assets 2. Like Cult or Academy Assets, Royalty Assets exists as a more niche version of our regular “furniture” assets, providing pieces fit for those more acquainted with a nobler lifestyle2E

Inside the pack you’ll find:C2A0

  • Objects: A pair of goblets, candelabra, and pitcher are accompanied by royally-themed relics and weaponry
  • Furniture: All things fancy! Chairs, footstools, couches, urns, thrones, a whole fleet of differently sized/shaped/textured tables, and even an additional planar model to accompany the two found in the Academy Assets.
  • Wall Treatments: Several new banners will make it easy to use unique banner pieces without having to copy+paste and ginormous new curtains to drape as you please!
  • Floor Treatments: In addition to three new rugs I had the opportunity here to get a little more experimental by playing around with options for “floor decor” in the form of specifically shaped window lights and fancy floor tiling arrangements that I think we’ll see more of in the future.

I put all of these to good use in my “example” map of the Feywild Dinner Party, a nighttime scene characterized by a fanciful table arrangement in the middle of an enchanted forest. And in the accompanying Dungeondraft pack below you’ll find all of the above brought in as objects with the vast majority of them seeing a colorable counterpart as well for further customization.

Check it out!