The Shattered Plains – The Way of Kings

Could this map winning the last poll and then Brandon Sanderson having a historic Kickstarter be a coincidence? C2A0Absolutely.

The Shattered Plains is one of the major locations in the series, The Stormlight Archive by Brandon Sanderson and this is my interpretation of of a small portion of it.

These mosaic like plains stretch further than the eye can see and are made up of plateaus of varies shapes and sizes. C2A0The chasm that separate each plateau are 20 to 30 feet across and only get deeper and wider as you journey west.

What can your party expect in these chasms? It could be a predator, staying cool and lurking in the shade. C2A0Or a scavenger that has been following the party for longer than they can remember. C2A0Maybe you want to test your party against Sanderson’s own Chasmfiend. C2A0

How ever you end up using it, we hope you enjoy the map!

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$3 Rewards – The Shattered Plains Map Set + Stone Serpent MonsterC2A0

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