Thestwick 03 – Reeds and Peat

Welcome back to Thestwick, everybody! This week, we’re taking a look at the southwestern corner of town. A bog troll has been causing mayhem, the reeds are drying up, and there seem to be more signs than ever that a collapse is imminent. Let’s dive in!

Borough Guide

This week’s borough guide focuses on the local craftswomen of Thestwick, the rowdy Lowland Reclamation Corps, and the freshwater bog troll Bulgreck. There are inauspicious laborers with surprising magical gifts, gang member brutes with a soft spot for the fen, and a string of accusations behind a recent murder. Can your party win over the hearts of the locals and the lackeys? And what will they do with Bulgreck, the troll who just wants to soak up the peat-infused waters?


This week’s map slots in directly to the south of the map from Thestwick 01. You can see the main thatching workshop, that path that leads to Bulgreck’s cave, and the remains of some of Thestwick’s abandoned homes. With plenty of back alleys, floating walkways, and chest-high debris, this map makes for the perfect arena for an urban battle.

Patrons at the Chief Courier tier also gain access to the interior for the city’s thatchery. A hole in the floor allows for easy retting, and sneaky reconnaissance. Plus, a workshop on the upper floor reveals some valuable secrets about Thestwick’s craftswomen.


We’ve got another bonus track for you this week! First up, however, is “Thurleigh Reeds,” a melancholy meandering sort of tune that expresses the tense nature of a city in change. As your players wander Thestwick and the surrounding fen, they’re likely to come across more than a few mysteries, and this track will perfectly underscore curious moments. An ambient variant is also provided for quieter, more focused play.

Also provided this week is a combat track for thunderous battles against bog troll Bulgreck. Look, there’s no two way about it. This is big bad battle music for cinematic combat. Dissonant strings, low brass, and thumping drums. You know the drill.

Bog Troll | Collaboration with The Fluffy Folio

We really lucked out this month with all of the collabs with Fluffy. This week, we have his take on Bulgreck the freshwater bog troll. In addition to dope art work, Fluffy has created a super clever new mechanic for battles with this creature. If you play 5e, your players are going to love the Sophie’s choice of battling a troll who regenerates in water but hardens when dry. He’s a real tough lout.

Check it out!