Update: April 2022

500 Patreon supporters, Wow!C2A0

I am beside myself, when I started, I never imagined 500 Patreon supporters. I had thought my focused content on one Adventure (Curse of Strahd) and for Foundry VTT was a limited footprint and not big enough to garner this much attention. I am truly surprised and happy. C2A0Thank you very much for your support. Your support has helped me devote more time to this project E28093 thank you!

Picture Notes: I visited Porto (Portugal) in March. An amazing city and of course tried some Ports (wine tasting).

March was a productive month with three new guides: Ascent to Tsolenka, Ruins of BC3A2rgC483u, and Yester Hill. Yester Hill, I had initially designed into two guides since it was so big (5 battle maps), but I decided to release it as one guide because the questline ties all the locations together. I also worked on updating all the books (special thanks to Tixu who was a huge help), the link to the new book files can be found here. I updated the Blue Water Inn PDF and Module to V9 and look forward to updating more of them as time permits.

Upcoming Module Outlines

While I am not sure what will be released in April as I am working on various projects and guides listed below. Part relies on DM AndyE28099s release schedule as well. However, this will give you an idea of the upcoming releases as I work on them.


Swamp Hex Crawl: I am working on an update, along with completing the PDF guide (which will require some alternative mechanics to MonkE28099s Active Tile Trigger for tabletop or other VTT play).

Ruins of Berez: This area has several side quests, information about the Fey, and encounters.

  • Map: Churchyard
  • Map: Marina’s Monument
  • Map: Manor/Keep (coming soon)

Baba Lysaga: BBEG fight or perhaps other surprises E28093 who knows2E She is the Water Fey.

  • Map: Baba’s Hut
  • Map: Goat Pens

Berez Swamps: I created a Bullywug village and some other swamp encounters.

  • Map: Standing Stones
  • Map: some of the ones I used in the Hex Crawl
  • Map: Bullywug Village (coming soon)