Winn’s Hollow – Halfling Owned Tavern Map Pack!

This was one of the first maps I ever made, and I posted that version back in June, 2020. I never released this map to Patreon, so decided to upgrade it to my more current/modern style and release the new version!

I listed the map as 60 x 44, which I know sounds monstrous, but that’s how I would play it gridded out if you like having a lot of encounter space and less bottlenecks in hallways. I’d always been more interested in playability than hyper-realism. If you want the tighter quarters, then, by all means, feel free to play at 30 x 22. 😉


WinnE28099s Hollow is a well-respected tavern nestled in the center of a bustling market. The sprawling one-story building is surrounded by colorful awnings, flowing linen tarps and rosy glassed lanterns providing a warm and inviting feel to the establishment as the market winds down.

The interior is fashioned from beautiful hardwood, with masterfully carved beams that curve overhead and frame each circular door, lending the establishment the look and feel of one the famous Halfling hollows from villages far to the southwest2E Oil lamps flicker from the tops of20round tables spaced about the hollow,20while the delicious scent of the tavernE28099s famous spiced ale fills the chamber.

The Hollow is a favorite location for any travelers new to the city, as it is usually filled with people from all over the Kingdom, sharing their stories and tales from the road, as well as looking for opportunity. It is well known that one can find able adventurers and mercenaries at the Hollow, and many of them are eager and willing to embark on contract to make additional coin.


The Hollow is run by all halflings, and features an arrangement of general seating, as well as VIP tables that provide exclusive access to their adjoining rooms. The proprietor of the Hollow is also known to deal frequently in information, and a careful study of the layout may tell you how and why that comes to pass. The center stage is frequently home to bards and performers, while the northern section provides a more quiet and reserved atmosphere for those wishing to relax.

Private VIP Seating:

One attractive feature of the tavern is a series of VIP alcoves that adjoin directly to the rented suite, allowing visitors a fair amount of privacy as they move from the tavern to their quarters.

Many Ears:

Winn is a gatherer of information and, as such, has many secret hallways, nooks and crannies designed for small folk that allow him access to conversations not only at tables, but within the private quarters, as well. Access to these locations is often through secret doors, and those passages are generally only large enough to accommodate Small characters.