April 2022

Wow, we are already four months in to this year2E

C2A0C2A0C2A0C2A0C2A0C2A0This idea that I would work on Type The Temple of Set and Mt. Kolob when I got home from work every day, is not working out so well. C2A0I have decided that when I am done with this post and for the next two days, I am going to work on those projects.

C2A0C2A0C2A0C2A0C2A0C2A0I have art work out right now for a Ravnica project, I will release that as soon as I get the art work back, that should be sometime next week. C2A0The main Ravnica project is coming along.

C2A0C2A0C2A0C2A0C2A0C2A0The Wonderland setting is coming along, I was not planing on doing anything for Basic D&D for am getting a lot of stuff done for it.

C2A0C2A0C2A0C2A0C2A0C2A0I want to take a couple of days and get everything ready for Dancing in September, so that can come out. C2A0I think that one is going to be a lot of fun.

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