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Here are some Berber Archers for your ever growing North African Almoravid army or warband! C2A0And the disaster of UclC3A9s in 1108

Battle of UclC3A9s: C2A0C2A0Lead by Tamin Ibn Yusef, the forces of Granada set out for JaC3A9n in early May. There he met the forces of CC3B3rdoba and then joined by the forces of Murcia and Valencia. They marched on UclC3A9s, which offered no resistance and was captured on 27 May. The Almoravids then spread out, sacking other Christian settlements in the valley of the Tagus, while the inhabitants fled. The garrison of UclC3A9s meanwhile took refuge in the alcC3A1zar

Prince Sancho Alfonsez, 15 years old, organized a counter-attack for the Christian forces, containing 8 Leonese and Castilian counts and on May 28 arrived at UclC3A9s to meet the Almoravid army. C2A0Contemporary sources on both sides indicate that though severely outnumbered, the Christian heavy cavalry initiated the battle with a charge, led by the 15-year-old prince himself. C2A0Though initially successful causing the forces of Granada to break, the overwhelming numbers of the enemy reserve surrounded the main cavalry. C2A0The rest of the army withdrew.

7 of 8 counts were killed or beheaded after the battle, though Prince Sancho Alfonsez managed to escape to BelinchC3B3n, he was murdered by villagers. C2A0Alvar FaC3B1ez managed to lead a large body of heavy cavalry north to organize a defense later on in the upper Tagus.

One of the counts, either Garcia Ordonez or Garcia Alvarez, was assigned to guard the Prince, he dismounted and died protecting him.

All figures are separate, and as usual, weapons and shields are separate as well. (except in 15mm)

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