Merchant Outpost (North) Map Pack!

This is the second half of the Merchant Outpost, depicting an old military camp now serving as a Trade Outpost on the southern edge of a river.

This section of the outpost contains:

1. Full General Store

2. Farmer with Cows

3. Jail

4. Government Building (2 floors)

5. Temple

6. [7] Individual Homes

7. Potential PC Headquarters (if they base out of here)

8. Granary

9. Farmhouse

10. North and West Outpost Gates

Extending the environment of the first map, this trading outpost map provides even more options for a variety of social and combat encounters, as well as the background for countless story elements, whether it be liberating the village from the attacks of bandits to dealing with internal political issues to collecting bounties set by the Outpost Captain to making deliveries for one (or more) of the businesses.

Each building is carefully detailed and provides options to use the outpost as a:

1. Base of Operations