New Album + Kickstarter Collaboration

Hey all! Happy April!

I’m happy to announce that my latest album is out today! Music d20: Multidimensional is the biggest hodgepodge release to date, featuring a bunch of my best 2021 tracks, plus many of your favorite variants. The theme here is “diverse settings,” so we’ve got Sci-Fi (“Subtle Fluid”), Western (“Lawless Wooster (Western)”), Cyberpunk (“Ako (Yakuza)”) and so on. These are decidedly not the most “universally useful” tracks in my library, but sooo many of my favorites are on this one.C2A0

Listen to it on Bandcamp, YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, or anywhere else you stream tunes!


Switching gears, my bud Griff of The Griffon’s Saddlebag is halfway done with his awesome new Kickstarter! 500+ magic items, 12 new subclasses, 2 playable races, 14 ready-to-play settings, 100 new creatures, and soooo many new side goodies. If you play D&D 5e, this is simply a must-buy.C2A0

Griff has also reached a bunch of his stretch goals, which means backers will get access to specialized playlists for his settings designed my none other than yours truly, and also brand new music for his mini-game that comes with the project written and recorded by yours truly. I have loved Griff’s work for years, and I’m so stoked that he brought me in to contribute to this awesome project.C2A0

Do me a favor and click this little referral link if ya don’t mind!C2A0

Check it out!