Pocket-Tactics series 3 preview

Hey, new month, news of a new project! We’ve still got the Quadrivium zine, along with the aether skiff and a bunch of assorted wizardly-bits coming (very soon), but we’re also gearing up to launch series 3 of our current commercial edition of Pocket-Tactics.C2A0

As you can probably tell, this series will veer into sci-fi territory, particularly the struggle between the New Dominion and Mytho-Resistance factions, but other factions from Wayfarer lore, like the Mytoans and Sons of Dvalinn, will also be getting their own sets. The sets will be formatted for 15mm scale and, as per the image above, we’re also doing standard scale/30mm scale versions with the tiles at double the size to go with those for a proper “Table-Tactics” experience.

We’ll be filtering those sets to patrons who get access to games ($10+) over the months following Kickstarter fulfilment, and we’ll have some bonus models and such coming along to all levels that get access to miniatures ($5+) as well. In addition to that, we’ll be developing the dungeon crawler we teased earlier in March during that time, and patrons will be getting access to those prototypes as we go.

More on this as it develops,

– Dutchmogul

Check it out!