The Commoner Class – New (totally serious) Release!

Happy April 1st! I’ve been kicking this idea around for awhile, so I decided to create this totally 100% serious class that is meant to be just as strong and useful as a Paladin, Wizard, or Barbarian!C2A0

THE COMMONER – Common no More!

Sick of those lazy adventurers rolling into down, messing everything up, then leaving YOU to clean up the pieces? Now you can give them a piece of your mind!

Proficiencies – Not may, but you’ve got enough. Make sure to pack your trust pitchfork to use as an improvised weapon – you’ve got proficiency!

Grit – This is what separates you from those pampered adventurers. You have the ability to persevere when the going gets tough (or you fail a saving throw).

Trade – Weaponize your livelihood for the adventuring life! Strike out as a Farmer with your trusty Livestock Companion, charm both friend and foe with country wit as the Innkeeper, crush the opposition with the Laborer, or do some crazy old spellcasting with the Old Timer (you have Pact Magic with Druid Spells?!).

Tall Tales – How could I make a class without an Invocation-like system. Gather access to Tall Tales to use (background feature perks) their skills!

The Rest of It! – I’m not even sure someone will actually play this class, but the rest of the features allow you to survive in the harsh realities of the adventuring world.C2A0

…You will probably die at 1st level though!

As this is a super serious class I welcome the harshest critique you can muster up!

Check it out!