Open Post – April Release – Hillhammer Dwarves

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The dwarven kingdom of Mal-Karagth spans across the whole Morvinian Mountains and further east on the barren hillsides that gently lead toward the ocean. Its magnificent capital, the Great Tokha, was carved below and inside the rangeE28099s tallest peak of the same name. The dwarves used the stone rubble leftovers from hollowing the mountain to raise a no less breathtaking web of defensive structures above ground. This unified and well-planned defense system has proven many times that conquering the Mal-Karagth dwarves borders on impossibility.

Special Forces. Even unparalleled structures and fortifications mean nothing without defenders to crew them. The kingdomE28099s special forces, the Hammers of Mal-Karagth, stand between its lands and enemies. Equipped with the best weapons and armor the Tokhan blacksmiths can create, the Hammers invoke the ancient power fused into runes. While seasoned and veteran soldiers constitute the bulk of the army, powerful runecarvers control golems and unleash elemental forces that slumber beneath the earth.

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