OPEN POST: April 202

Hello Cyber! We have a deliciously crazy release this month for you. On top of some unique minis, we have aimed to bring you some more regular sci-fi models that you can use in any setting. C2A0This month we are also trying to get ahead of your needs and provide you with some extra content that you can use along with all the minis you get. We hope that you will find it useful or that it will inspire you to explore all the endless possibilities brought by 3d printing your own miniatures. C2A0Statblocks – In collaboration with fellow die-hard sci-fi fans we are releasing some stat blocks for NPCs that you can implement in your Stafinder and other RPG adventures. C2A0Icons – A lot of RPG fans have found rewarding ways to play their favorite games online. During sessions, the character tokens are often used to mark their position. Along with stat blocks, you can also get an icon pack for convenient use. C2A0Map – We are also providing a high-resolution map sheet, for RPG or any other hobby needs you might have. C2A0We are always looking for more ways to bring you things you can use. We hope you will like it and we will be able to bring you more content like this (or similar for other systems) in the future.

Check it out!