Last Chance for Dyson’s Book of Swords

[Dyson’s Book of Swords – Kickstarter Link]C2A0

IE28099m really excited to get this book out to everyone. And today is the LAST day of the Kickstarter E28093 less than 24 hours to go until we wrap this up and send the files off to the printer. The E2809Ctip-inE2809D cards of the extra 51st sword for the top tier backers are in the mail to my place as we speak so I can sign them and send them back to Peter for release.

It is a trip to see the drawings and ideas I worked on late last year in this format. The book is really fun E28093 I love the small square format, and IE28099ve finally hit the point where IE28099m happy with my drawings too. Which is what got me to put this together.

ItE28099s been great working with Peter Regan who knows his way around the processes with his many Squarehex kickstarters, and the plan heE28099s put together has these going out to backers in an incredibly small time frame.

IE28099m just hoping that weE28099ll be sending a copy of the Book of Swords to you too.

Check it out!