Second Anniversary and some more

Michal NT:

Hello! This is MichaC582 and Tomasz – Asgard Rising team. We want to thank you all for being with us and appreciating our work. Yes, it’s a fact: our patreon is already two years old! It ‘s been an intense and exiting 24 months. When we started our adventure with the Patreon platform, we didn’t know what awaited us and how this idea would develop. We were two colleagues who wanted to do something creative not on commissions from others as before but in accordance with your own vision. An intense and challenging adventure awaited us. And despite the passage of time we are still learning to make our Patreon better and and more enyoyable to you.


As you may know I’m the one responsible for personally designing and sculpting all the miniatures & terrain content for Asgard Rising. It is a great joy for me to be able to create all of these miniatures for you! I want to apologize personally for all the delays you have faced during all this time. It usually takes over 250 hours to create an entire monthly realase. Very often, the monthly relese shelude struggle with me with the desire to give you everything I want to create for you in current month topic. And often the slightest stumble causes inability to meet safe deadlines. This year my main goal will be to try to significantly reduce this delay of course without any compromise with quantity and quality. Wish me luck! Currently I am working on dwarves army and dwarf themed terrain for you. I hope you will like it.

Anniversary gift:

3 x Varkolak C2A0To celebrate our second birthday we want to give for you a bonus set (Models are on 60mm round or 50mm square base).

Models are avaliable to download:C2A0

E2808BThe varkolak or vrykolakas is a harmful undead creature in Slavic folklore. It has similarities to many different legendary creatures, but most of all with the vampire and lycanthropes of the Slavic and Balkan region. While the two are very similar, blood-drinking is only marginally associated with the vrykolakas.

Anniversary models:

As you well know, from April 2021, every month we add one model from our previous packages from a month exactly a year ago. We plan to continue this tradition this year. At the moment, the package contains 12 models.

Models to download here:

  • Viking Warrior (New KS edition)
  • Hunter of the Mountain King
  • Shieldmaiden (New KS edition)
  • Ulfendar – Shapeshifter
  • Berzerker (New KS edition)
  • Draugr Warrior
  • Draugr Infantry
  • Viking Rider (New KS edition)
  • Villager – Blacksmith
  • Goblin Infantry
  • Goblin Archer
  • Viking Archer (New KS edition)

Discount Codes:

Last year We started the discount code system. Now we want to shed some highlight on the models available in it. We have two discount codes – for the entire range and for a selected month exactly a year ago.

Both Codes can be checked here: C2A0

Current month – 50% includes pack from April 2021:

Thank you All C2A0MichaC582 &Tomasz: Asgard Rising team

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