A Vault of Traps and Scales

We’ve just published Troy’s latest C2A0encounter, a low-level dungeon delve filled to the brim with cunning C2A0kobolds and their tactical traps. It comes complete with battle map, monster tokens, and stat blocks!C2A0

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Not an hour ago, the report of sounds within the sealed vault came in. Shortly after, those that went to investigate the possible breach clambered back out, bruised and reeling and spitefully naming the perpetrators: kobolds. A group of them has infiltrated the vault and is attempting to make off with whatever contents they can fit through their tunnels.

The kobolds have clearly been preparing for some time. Their tunnels weave between the walls of the vaultE28099s interior into almost every chamber, and their traps now litter the rooms. The only section they have not breached is the innermost vault, owing to the enchantments of its construction. But they are working on the mechanisms and making swift progress. Someone needs to deal with them quickly, or the kobolds will leave nothing but an empty chamber behind…

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I invite you to pillage this article for all its traps, tokens, stat blocks, and other resources! Whether you play it out like Troy intends or simply break it down into its versatile ingredients, we hope that you and your group will enjoy. 🙂

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