The City of Assaen

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Hey everyone! Let me present to you the City of Assaen, the first map for the Ports & Harbours theme2E

Assaen is one of the larger cities along the coast of the Republic of Callaern in the Broken Bay area. Throughout history it has been an important city for the trade operations of the republic2E

Assaen started out as a small trading village along the coast. Over time the small village grew into a prosperous city. Since reformation of the kingdom into a republic the cities ruler has been sentenced to death and replaced with a Lord Mayor, one of the highest ranking officials in the republic, second only to the Grand Mayor of Callaern2EC2A0

Belinger is a well respected merchant family with a manor in the Old Quarter. Most of the local enforcers work for the family and, while they are not officially part of any legislative council, they have a say in most things that go on in the city. Some say that even the Lord Mayor of Assaen does their bidding, and has little say in the big decisions.

While the north part of town is under the strict control of the Lord Mayor and the Belinger Family, the south part of town has its own authority. Ember’s gang runs many criminal operations in the port area, and they encounter little resistance from the authorities. It’s probably because even the criminals of this town work for the Belingers, and that family surely profits from their activities as well.

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