Download Link: Ethan Savage Studio

Ethan Savage Studios makes 3D printable models with a Retro Anime and RPG Style for tabletop games and miniature painting.

At Ethan Savage Studios he release thematic groups of quality miniatures selected through patron polls and patron requests. Presupported files included.

As a gift to RN Estudio Patrons, he would like to offer the Retro Anime Elf from his April Release.


By subscribing for $5, every patron gets:

1. The Monthly Patreon Release!

The April Release is called: E2809CRetro Anime Vol.1E2809D

This release features:

  • Five Retro Fantasy Anime Heroines, including a Retro Elf, Retro Sorceress, Retro Half Dragon, Retro Wildwoman, and Reto Fantasy Apoc Survivor.
  • A Patron requested Tomb Raider and a personal project in the form of Bahamut X.

2. The Starter Pack Miniatures:

The Starter Pack includes:

  • Four JRPG Summons
  • Six Planetary Guardians

3. 50% Discount Code on digital files at my MyMiniFactory page!

You can find more of my work at:




Check it out!