Pocket-Tactics series 3 preview: Mytho-Resistance

Just a quick update on series 3 progress. I got the New Dominion set fully prototyped, so now it’s on to the faction which will be squaring off against them in the core rewards: the Mytho-Resistance.

This set is breaking from tradition slightly in a couple of ways. For one, there will be 11 unique models, rather than the usual distribution. This is to showcase the diversity inherent in the faction. (Even at this number we couldn’t scratch the surface of possible mytho-sapiens, but that is, after all, the kind of thing expansions are for.)C2A0

In addition, this set will include a vehicle unit in place of the 11th character unit and base tile (similar to the Raiders from the Far Shore or Dust Sea Marauders sets). This time, we’ve included a hexagonal base with a little arrow at the front. This base will help to differentiate objects like this that aren’t to-scale with the characters (mirroring the hex terrain tiles in that manner), and is something of a preview for a sort of sister game that I’m working on as a side project. (That might be included in the release, but we’re still workshopping it.)

Along with the fast-and-dirty 15mm designs, optimized as they are for printing support-free in FDM at that scale, I’m making standard 30mm scale (but still support-free) versions for every unit as well. These will be added as stretch goals as the Kickstarter campaign progresses (along with things like additional factions and game modes). Some of these are already done (like that oni sniper, which you can get via the Multiverse Monday collection), but the rest are a WIP. While the full game sets will only be going to patrons at the $10+ levels, we will be releasing some of the 30mm versions to Patreon as Multiverse Monday posts, and patrons at the $5+ level will keep getting expanded miniature packs like those New Dominion sets we’ve been releasing over the last few months.

All of this will be fully compatible with Underdelve, the dungeon crawler boardgame we teased last month. We’ll have more to share on that one soon, and we’re going to involve patrons at all levels in the production of that game as it progresses, so you can expect lots of early access perks as we go. You can see a few of the mytho-sapiens player characters in the batch of prototype prints in that last image.

We’re really excited about all of this, and it brings us that much closer to a more organized storefront, so you can expect patron discount codes soon as we get all of that organized. So many of our sets have been languishing in limbo while we get the game systems (CRUX, Pocket-Tactics, and OpenTactics) to a realized point, but we’re nearly there, and there will be a deluge of available content once that happens. More on all of that before long,

– Dutchmogul

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