Aldarra Kickstarter!

Hey everyone!

Peku created the beautiful game tiles for this awesome board game that’s currently on Kickstarter. Please check it out! If you like airships and steampunk and crystalpunk, you’ll definitely enjoy it!

Here’s a better description than I could write:

Aldarra is a fast-paced airship combat strategy game. Suited for 3-4 players and with an array of dynamic unit types and interactive cards in game, the tactical decisions and strategic planning is rich while still keeping the gameplay fluid and consistent.

With a natural progression through the game from start to end, Aldarra has mechanics that allow players to get back in the fight when theyE28099re down early and come back for heroic, come from behind, victories.

We only try to advertise projects here we’ve worked on ourselves so we hope you check this out. This is the first time since we started czepeku that we’ve worked on an outside project! Please back the Kickstarter and see what all the fuss is about! 😀

Oh and there’s some great freebies available if you pledge in the next 24 hours!C2A0

Check it out!