Murder at the Lodge – Adventure Collaboration

Hello all! As with last month we’ve got a fun bonus release made in collaboration with our friends at Kelfecil’s Tales!

As the name suggests, this adventure concerns a mysterious murder and as such is more roleplay/investigation heavy. It takes place at an older, preexisting map of mine for the Waylorn Lodge, which I’ve taken the liberty of rearranging and painting over somewhat to present you with the updated presentation seen above.C2A0

Because we’re reviving the location for this purpose I’m also linking to a download for the older map as well. Some of you may find it especially helpful as it includes floating PNG files of the various floors for staging in VTT. Similarly, the NPCs outlined in the adventure PDF correspond to tokens that $2+ supporters can utilize from the Notable NPCs Part One and Part Two from January.C2A0

Check it out!